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I’m Luiza Carvalho and I’ve been writing music and making sounds for video games since 2010, most notably the 2018 overhaul of the popular visual novel Fault: Milestone 1.


Over the years my music has been noted for its guitar-driven grit, but I’ve since ventured outside that comfort zone.

Today, I specialize in horror genres, and while I’ll still occasionally revisit my 90’s rock roots, but I love exploring all kinds of flavors with or without my guitar, be it orchestral and calm, jazzy, pop and cheery, worldly and exotic, or anything in between.


I’m devoted to making games and other media come alive through sound.


Demo Game

I’ve put together short and sweet Horror FPS game using Unity and Wwise. I’ve created all the music and sound, as well as the simple game mechanics to demonstrate their implementation. Since the purpose of this game is to be a sound demo first and foremost, and as such isn’t very self-explanatory, I’ve created a little plot synopsis for it.



You're a generic soldier dude named Mr. Generic Soldier-dude tasked with investigating the mysterious disappearances of the generic local school staff and a generic student.

You head over there at night time and find no clues, except for a mysterious portal...
You decide to go through it and find yourself in a twisted, horrific version of your former surroundings.

But oh noes, the portal won't take you back. Your only choice now is to defeat the many terrifying monsters inhabiting this underworld and try to find your way back.

Features to listen for:

  • Adaptive & Dynamic Music

  • 7 unique monsters w/ unique sounds

  • 4 unique weapons

  • Dynamic room tone

  • Randomized ambient sweeteners

  • Sound propagation + Occlusion/Obstruction

  • Surface-dependent footsteps, bullet hits & shell falls

  • Outdoor vs. indoor gun tail

  • Room-appropriate reverb

  • Stingers